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Wattle Toffee Liqueur

Description / Tasting Notes:

The Wattle flower is the well-known emblem of Australia and is represented in the green and gold worn by Australian athletes. The seeds of the Acacia Wattle have very hard husks, and when they fall to the ground, will last for up to 20 years in their natural environment, often only germinating after bushfires.

A genuine Australian bush flavour, wattle seeds exemplify expressions of grain, nut, coffee and occasionally chocolate when roasted. These are flavours that work beautifully when blended with the intensity of rich toffee. TMD’s award winning and best-selling Wattle Toffee Liqueur exudes a particularly rich nuttiness that marries perfectly with any dark spirit, especially rum, allowing both Liqueur and dark spirit to shine together.

Wattle Toffee Liqueur is a versatile ingredient for mixologists and cooks. A shot or two can also be added to hot coffee as a digestif, poured over ice cream or used in a variety of sweets and cakes. You must try the Wattle Toffee Crème Brulee?


Australian Food Challenge Awards 2009 Winner, B.T.I. Chicago (International Review of Spirits) 2009 Bronze Medal, C.W.S.A. 2012 Silver Medal, Femmes et Spiritueux du Monde Monaco 2011 Gold Medal, I.B.E.C. Shenzhen 2011 Bronze Medal, I.S.W. Germany 2009 Gold Medal, I.T.Q.I. Belgium 2009 2 Gold Stars, I.W.S.C. Hong Kong 2011 Bronze Medal, I.W.S.C. London 2010 Silver Medal, International Spirits Competition London 2009 Commended, Premium Select Spirits Germany 2012 3 Gold stars, San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2009 Gold Medal, United Vodka World Competition Bulgaria 2012 Silver Medal, Wine Style Asia Award Singapore 2009 Bronze Medal, World Spirits Awards Austria 2011 Gold Medal


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