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Lilly Pilly Gin

Description / Tasting Notes:

Lilly Pillies are evergreen rainforest plants with glossy green leaves. In spring to early summer most Lilly Pillies have fluffy white or greenish flowers followed by long lasting red, purple or whitish berries. The fruit matures from December to February, being a small pear shaped red berry, known as a Riberry. The fruit is most commonly used to make a distinctively flavoured jam, and is also used in sauces, syrups and confectionery.

Crystal clear with a pale pink blush. Sweet and perfumed – sort of in the Old Tom style. Pleasing scents of candied citrus peel combine with hints of anise, ginger, coriander, juniper and pine sap. A creamy entry leads into a semi-sweet mid palate featuring citrus peel, hints of juniper and pepper. Concludes drier with a juniper and pepper aftertaste followed by a brisk grapefruit like fade. The artisanal ‘pot still’ distillation method encapsulates each botanical and sensitive blending methods keep the integrity of the aromatics.

It can be served as an aperitif served with Tonic water or added to specific cocktails.

ABV 40%

B.T.I. Chicago (International Review of Spirits) 2010 Bronze Medal, B.T.I. Chicago (International Review of Spirits) 2012 Bronze Medal, San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2011 Silver Medal, World Spirits Awards Austria 2013 Gold Medal


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