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Lavender Liqueur

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Description / Tasting Notes:

Pours as an eye catching true French classic Lavender blue. Subtle, sweet lavender / potpourri-like scents. Entry is light, slightly viscous and leads into a creamy mid palate with a curious delivery that’s momentarily lavender like followed by a sweet fruit tingle lolly-like finish. Concludes flaccid and relatively short.

Delightful Liqueur worth enjoying neat, with soda water or added to specific cocktails. Lavender Liqueur is a great floral accent in many recipes from entrees to desserts.


Australian Distilled Spirits Awards (ADSA) 2022 Gold Medal, B.T.I. Chicago (International Review of Spirits) 2008 Silver Medal, C.W.S.A. 2013 Silver Medal, I.T.Q.I. Belgium 2008 1 Gold Star, I.T.Q.I. Belgium 2011 2 Gold Stars, I.W.S.C. London 2009 Silver Medal, London Spirits Competition 2023 Silver Medal, San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2008 Bronze Medal

2 reviews for Lavender Liqueur

  1. Daisy Stevens

    ****and 30ml of Lime juice don’t forget!!

  2. Daisy Stevens

    A superb liquer. The perfect product to make a Lavender margarita:

    30ml Rooster Rojo reposado tequila
    30 ml Mezcal (I use KimoSabe)
    30ml Lavender Liquer
    Agave syrup optional. Toast some Lavender flowers and crush with salt for a Lavender salted rim 🙂

    Thank you Tamborine Dist. for this fabulous product x

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