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Honey Dew Melon Liqueur

Description / Tasting Notes:

Clear, very pale turquoise and green. Good authenticity with a lifted whiff of ripe cantaloupe/ watermelon that doesn’t fragrance in the least over time in the glass. The palate offers a convincing, concentrated burst of ripe melon and has just enough acidity to avoid being too sweet. Leaves a beautiful lingering taste. Concludes reasonably fresh and with a decent length.

Enjoy neat on ice, with soda water or lemonade. Honey Dew Liqueur give a sweet touch to a wide range of cocktails.


B.T.I. Chicago (International Review of Spirits) 2005 Gold Medal, B.T.I. Chicago (International Review of Spirits) 2014 Gold Medal, C.W.S.A. 2012 Gold Medal, C.W.S.A. 2014 Gold Medal, C.W.S.A. Best value Awards 2015 Double Gold Medal, I.B.E.C. Shenzhen 2011 Bronze Medal, I.S.W. Germany 2004 Gold Medal, I.W.S.C. Hong Kong 2011 Bronze Medal, I.W.S.C. London 2004 Silver Medal


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