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Davidson Plum Gin

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Description / Tasting Notes:

Made from the Davidsons Rainforest Plum, these little fruits are about the size of golf balls and grow directly on the trunk of the tree. The Davidsons Plum is a small attractive rainforest under-canopy tree and is quite rare in the wild. The fruit has no stone pip but rather a dual fibrous pip construct similar to pineapple interiors.

This aromatic gin has a bright garnet colour and a rich aroma of raspberries, sour cherry, and beet balanced with strong citrus notes. Tangy, slight sweetness with a tart and dry finish.

Perfect Gin for spirit heavy cocktails like Aviation or Gimlet, though still works lovely as aperitif with tonic and softer citrus like orange or mandarin.

ABV 40%


1 review for Davidson Plum Gin

  1. George Noakes

    Wonderful Gin with unique botanical twist – truely Australian !

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