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Cherry Brandy

Description / Tasting Notes:

Our Cherry Brandy, with its light ruby-red hue and exceptional clarity, offers a symphony of flavours. Ripe cherries take centre stage, harmonising sweetness, and tartness, while delicate notes of warm vanilla and oak add depth. On the palate, cherry flavours unfold, balanced with hints of dark chocolate and caramelised sugar, complemented by a gentle, warming spice. Its velvety mouthfeel enhances the complexity, and the exceptionally long finish leaves a lasting impression of sweet cherries with a subtle spice note. It’s a true masterpiece of flavour and craftsmanship.

Enjoy it neat to appreciate the heart of our artistry or unleash your inner mixologist to craft exceptional cocktails like Cherry Brandy Sours and classic Old Fashioned. Elevate your dessert creations by infusing pastries with its rich, fruity notes. This versatile companion for your palate and culinary creations is bottled for your enjoyment.




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