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Tamborine Mountain Distillery

Absinthe - Moulin Rooz 500mL

Absinthe - Moulin Rooz 500mL

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500ml    |    ABV 60%    |    16 nips


Absinthe rose to great popularity as an alcoholic drink in late 19th- and early 20th-century in France, particularly among Parisian artists and writers (Charles Baudelaire, Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Allan Poe, etc.). Owing in part to its association with bohemian culture, the consumption of Absinthe was opposed by social conservatives and prohibitionists. Absinthe traditionally has a natural green colour but may also be colourless. It is commonly referred to in historical literature as "la féeverte" (the green fairy).

Description/Tasting Notes:

This is Australia's first premium Absinthe - Multiple distilled spirit with added Australian Botanical infusions. It presents with a mix of Aniseed and Lemon Myrtle, China Aniseed, Elderflower, Gentian, Fennel seed, Hyssop and of course the infamous Wormwood. Pours as a beautiful emerald green. Opens a little soapy, followed by semi sweet scents of peppermint tea, cough lozenge and liquorice strap. Aeration draws out flashes of crushed eucalyptus leaf. A big anise focussed entry leads into a hot, prickly mid palate that numbs the lips and stuns the tongue. Anise and liquorice strap flavours emerge through the alcohol. Finishes dry, slightly bitter and liquorice like with the heat taking some time to dissipate. Needs amounts of chilled water to balance.


I.S.W. Germany 2007 Silver Medal
I.T.Q.I. Belgium 2007 1 Gold Star
World Spirits Awards Austria  2007 Gold Medal
San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2008 Bronze Medal
B.T.I. Chicago (International Review of Spirits) 2008 Silver Medal
Australian Food Challenge Awards 2008 Highly Commended
Wine Style Asia Award Singapore  2009 Bronze Medal
B.T.I. Chicago (International Review of Spirits) 2012 Silver Medal

Serving/ Pairing:

Absinthe is traditionally drunk diluted, and there is no more lavish and beautiful way to dilute the drink than with an Absinthe fountain. Place the spoon over a filled glass of absinthe with the sugar cube on it and sit it underneath one of the taps on the fountain. Slowly drip water over the sugar until it has dissolved. You should look to have about four to six parts water per one part absinthe.

Cocktails Ideas:

Green Goddess

Green with Envy

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