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Tamborine Mountain Distillery

Lime Liqueur 375ml

Lime Liqueur 375ml

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375ML |  ABV24%  |  12nips

Description/Tasting Notes:

TMD Lime Liqueur is for the inquisitive, citrus loving drinker. It has strong aromatic notes, with a clean refreshing taste. Our clean, pure spirit allows the strong citrus notes to shine through. Made in a near identical way to the Limoncello, but with a resulting lime green colour and mixed rather than top sedimentation of the zest fines components.  Shake well before drinking and the colour becomes even more vibrant.



Serving/ Pairing:

Lime Liqueur is better served chilled as an after-dinner digestive in a chilled cordial glass. Shake well before serving. Simply enjoy it on ice, or as a great accompaniment to a special cocktail.

Cocktails Ideas:

TMD Margarita

Limey Cocktail

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