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Tamborine Mountain Distillery

Tamborine Mountain Distillery
6 December 2019 | Tamborine Mountain Distillery

Cooking a feast with a touch of Liquor

What are we going to cook for Christmas? 

This is the question most of you will start asking yourselves shortly, if you haven’t already...

Between the traditional stuffed turkey, glazed ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, and, of course, the endless range of delicious Christmas desserts, it can be hard to choose something that will be a little bit different, to make this Christmas especially memorable.

This year we thought we’d help you take all those beautiful classic dishes that have been passed down for generations, to new heights by adding a touch of a Liqueur or Spirit that will complement the flavours we all love and add some festive pizazz.

So, get ready to sample recipes that are sure to be in demand for years to come, ranging from delicious appetizers, to mouth-watering roasts, to decadent desserts.


Oysters with Limoncello Granita

Limoncello granita is a fun way to serve oysters this Christmas. Serve this condiment on a platter of freshly shucked oysters and let the magic of our zesty Limoncello happen!

Wild Citrus Vodka Cured Salmon

Home curing your salmon means you can add a festive twist to it with a bit of vodka! Get the freshest salmon from your local fisho and begin the recipe at least 2/3 days before serving.

Prawn Cocktails with Chilli Pepper Vodka dressing

This dish is our twist on an old classic recipe, making it a great start to a festive meal.

Watermelon balls infused with Lilly Pilly Gin

Who knew that watermelon infused in Lilly Pilly Gin could make for such a refreshing Christmas treat that is so easy to make?


Turkey with Orange and Macadamia Liqueur Stuffing

Take the traditional turkey to a whole new level by making this nutty stuffing.  Add a Christmas hit of our Macadamia Liqueur to give a gentle, spicy sweetness to the stuffing. Delicious!

Roasted Turkey Breast with Apple Schnapps, pork and Pistachio Stuffing

This Stuffing is simply delicious - another treat to serve with your turkey this Christmas. Pistachios are complemented by the sweetness of apple, and our touch of Apple Schnapps enhances all the flavours in this stuffing – superb!

Bells of Saint Clements Liqueur glazed Christmas ham

Ham is a traditional part of the Christmas feast, so we decided to use our very first Liqueur, Bells of Saint Clements Liqueur to add a beautiful citrus flavour to our glaze. A touch of Christmas pizazz!

Lemon Myrtle Vodka Baked Salmon

A hot Christmas Day often means we crave something fresher for lunch rather than the traditional roasted main dishes. This Salmon recipe is the perfect alternative. The Lemon Myrtle Vodka intensifies all the citrus flavours and gives the flesh a beautiful texture. The perfect hot Christmas Day main!


Christmas Pudding with Festive Fruit Cocktail Liqueur

Christmas pudding enriched with our Festive Fruit Cocktail Liqueur, served with a rich custard is one of the traditional desserts, and really says, “Merry Christmas!”

Christmas Mince Pies with Spiced Gold Rum

Keep the tradition of serving mince pies during the Festive Season alive with our festive fruit pies that have been reinvented with our Spiced Gold Rum.

Pavlova with Passionfruit Liqueur Coulis

Pavlova is one of the Aussie favourites when it comes to Christmas desserts. Toppings can vary, although we really like the idea of red fruits with a coulis of Passionfruit Liqueur as a tipsy topping!

Christmas Tiramisu with Apricot Brandy Liqueur

We love tiramisu, and we found that this classic Italian dessert is another favourite for Christmas Day celebrations, particularly in hot weather. A touch of our Apricot Brandy Liqueur adds a delightfully festive note to the conclusion of a fabulous meal!

Liqueurs & Spirits used in those recipes


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