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Tamborine Mountain Distillery

Tamborine Mountain Distillery is an Award-winning manufacturer of a wide range of Boutique Liqueurs and Spirits.

Our Story

Tamborine Mountain Distillery was founded in 1993 and is the third oldest Distillery in Queensland. This family distillery began when Michael and Alla Svetlana Ward moved from Tasmania to the original property in Beacon Road, on Tamborine Mountain. Michael Ward, a passionate gardener, planted every tree on the property, which was once a run-down citrus and avocado orchard. With an abundance of excess fruit at their fingertips and drawing upon Alla’s experience of distilling during her younger years, the Wards decided to turn their property into something really productive … a Distillery.

Over a quarter of a century later, and with well over 300 international awards under their belts, Tamborine Mountain Distillery had become Australia’s most awarded Distillery and Liquor brand in the new Millennium.

Our Head Distiller

After their retirement in 2017, the new custodians Gordon Chalmers and Dr Shumei Hou purchased the historical business with an ambitious plan to expand the iconic brand internationally from their new, and much bigger location at MacDonnell Road. This major project involved a total renovation and modernisation of this old Brewery site, whilst attempting at all times to keep the ambiance of this historical business, that has developed a cult following over the years.

Our Head Distiller, Gordon Chalmers, has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience of botanical distillations. Combining post-graduate degrees in both Technology and Business, and with over 30 years of experience in industrial automation and process control within the food and beverage industries,

With over 200 Certified Organic formulations to his name, Gordon has also pioneered some of the unique applications of Australian botanicals into specialised alcoholic, essential oil and well-being treatments. Gordon has also championed sustainable manufacturing procedures to the point where he has been awarded International awards for his work. He is also recognised by his peers as one of the leaders in natural and organic formulations, as well as a pioneer of distillation and extraction technologies. He now uses his skills and knowledge to produce our award-winning range of Liqueurs and Spirits and is deeply passionate about using a wide range of Australian Botanicals to bring out the unique flavours in our drinks.

Tamborine Mountain Distillery new reflux still landscape

Our Distillation

By using a range of specialised copper pot and reflux column stills, our production team creates the superb range of spirits and tinctures that provide the essence and foundation of our products. The artisanal approach and multiple levels of distillation, using an impressive range of natural ingredients and native botanicals, creates both smooth and unique flavours. Then begins the time honoured and arduous task of crafting each individual batch to perfection. Some of the traditional processes that have been passed down through generations from the founder’s Russian and Ukrainian family heritage, and still remain key to the production processes of the distillery today. With over one and a half million visitors to Tamborine Mountain each year, this very famous Distillery has become one of the “must do” places to visit, and it boasts a massive cult following of local, interstate and international visitors. With an enormous choice of some ninety different spirits and liqueurs, it takes many enjoyable trips to Tamborine Mountain to try and find your favourite flavour.

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