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Tamborine Mountain Distillery

About us

Located atop the peaceful and picturesque Gold Coast Hinterland, and only an hour due south of Brisbane, Tamborine Mountain is truly one of Queensland’s best loved natural treasures.

Known for breathtaking walking tracks that wind their way through sub-tropical rainforests with a dash of adventure thrown in with the majestic cliffs and cascading waterfalls.

The Mountain is also famous for an abundance of hobby farms and commercial producers, growing a range of fruit from avocados, kiwifruits and macadamia nuts as well as award-winning food and beverage producers from wine, beer and cheeses, and of course our own fabulous award-winning Spirits and Liqueurs!



Tamborine Mountain Distillery is an Award-winning manufacturer of a wide range of Boutique Liqueurs and Spirits. The artisanal approach and multiple distillations, using an impressive range of natural ingredients and native flora, create smooth and unique flavours.

Our master distiller uses handmade copper pot stills to create the superb spirit that is the essence and foundation of all TMD products, before beginning the arduous task of crafting each individual batch to perfection. An artisanal process that has been passed down through generations from Alla Ward’s Russian and Ukrainian family heritage and which still remains the essence of the distillery today.

We also take pride in exhibiting our ingredients and our processes to all of our visitors at the Tasting Room using our big black board! Our fundamental idea is to inform and educate our public about distilling of Spirits and Liqueurs at every step of the process and what better way than study our Museum that shows how it all started.

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