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Apr 4, 2022 | Liqueurs

5 Chocolate Liqueurs You Should Be Drinking This Easter

And what better way to enjoy your chocolate than in the form of a rich, decadent liqueur?

Liqueurs are rich and flavourful and make the perfect complement to a leisurely Easter lunch. Whether it’s an after-dinner treat, a midnight temptation or a gift for that special someone, chocolate liqueurs are sure to satisfy.

At Tamborine Mountain Distillery, we have created a collection of chocolate liqueurs to give you the ultimate taste experience. Our chocolate liqueur range will take you on an exciting adventure, where each liqueur has been carefully crafted using only the finest ingredients and brought together the most delicious flavours, to create a tantalizing array of chocolate cocktails and beverages that will send your taste buds into sensory overload.

The range includes our bestselling Chocolate Mint Liqueur, along with our Jaffa, Licorichoc, Dark Chocolate and our decadent new Choc ‘n’ Chilli recipe.

1. Our Chocolate Mint Liqueur is the product that started it all!

Pale, translucent sienna brown. A superb perfume of Dark Chocolate and Peppermint delivering terrific intensity and purity. It repeats on the palate with medium-dry, choc-peppermint flavours rounded off by an impressive fresh cool mint aftertaste that shows excellent staying power.

Our Choc Mint Liqueur can be consumed straight, as an after-dinner drink rather than as an aperitif. It can also be used in mixed drinks and in desserts, especially delicious in plain ice-creams.

  1. Jaffa is the perfect blend of smooth Chocolate and Orange.

This Jaffa liqueur is a rich, bitter-sweet chocolate with the sweet and sour taste of oranges. A popular liqueur for Australian and New Zealanders, bringing back happy childhood memories of one of their favourite lollies.

This Jaffa Liqueur is best served either slightly chilled or slightly warmed. Chilling seems to thicken the chocolate feel whereas warming seems to bring out the citrus tones.

Tamborine Mountain Distillery Jaffa liqueur 375mL

3. Licorichoc combines our favourite flavours of Liquorice and Chocolate for a taste sensation like no other.

This liqueur has subtle chocolate and liquorice notes. Smooth and velvety finish. Its dark blue/black colour adds to the experience, and an exquisite liquorice background taste lingers long after sipping this popular liqueur.

Drink neat, on the rocks or with milk.

4. Is Dark Chocolate more your thing? Try our delectable Dark Chocolate, made from premium cocoa.

Indulge your senses with this delightful Dark Chocolate Liqueur. The velvety smooth, milk chocolate flavour is the perfect addition to your coffee or dessert and can be enjoyed by itself as an after-dinner drink.

Our liqueur has a thick body and rich chocolate flavour, which holds up well in cocktails or desserts. It’s a great treat for any occasion!

Tamborine Mountain Distillery Jaffa liqueur 375mL

5. For those who love an added kick, there’s our new Choc ‘n’ Chilli liqueur – sure to hit your sweet spot!

Our take on the after-dinner classic, this silky smooth chocolate liqueur has just a bite of heat for the perfect finish. An unexpected pairing indeed. The aromas are rich and full of subtle caramel notes. The taste is sweet chocolate, followed by the tingly and growing warmth of hot chilli peppers. Smooth, not cloying. It’s quite distinct, and rather nice next to a warm fire as it gets a bit nippy outside.

Great Liqueur worth enjoying neat or added to specific cocktails or a great addition to spice up your hot chocolate!

Choc n Chilli Liqueur 375mL

Whether you are a chocolate connoisseur or simply love to experiment with new flavours, our range of chocolate liqueurs will surely awaken your senses and excite your palette… And with only a week until Easter, it’s time to start pencilling in the drinks.


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